Welcome to Boss Rush Media, a team of creators cofounded by Corey Dirrig, Edward Varnell, and Jesse Douglas dedicated to creating podcasts, videos, live streams, social engagement, and more focusing on building a supportive, respectful community in the gaming and pop culture space. Boss Rush Media is built on two major pillars: Boss Rush Games and The Boss Rush Network, all working in tandem to create exciting, fun, and interesting content everyone can enjoy. We strive to make all aspects of Boss Rush Media a positive, inclusive, respectful, and friendly space for content veterans and novices alike, promoting great ideas, teaching new skills, and giving those a voice who may not have one.

Let’s explore what makes each pillar of Boss Rush Media unique:

Boss Rush Games is the group that started it all. Created as Boss Rush Media’s in-house content creation team, Boss Rush Games creates podcasts and videos revolving around video games, entertainment, and pop culture, lead by the company’s flagship podcast, The Boss Rush Podcast, and Nintendo Pow Block, the long running Nintendo podcast started by the company’s cofounders. The team has been built with passionate people in mind to bring their unique views on the industries we all love on shows and podcasts that fit their personalities and strengths. Here are the podcasts that make up Boss Rush Games:

Boss Rush Podcast and Supplemental Shows

Nintendo Pow Block and Supplemental Shows

  • Nintendo Pow Block Expansion Pass: The supplemental monthly shows for Nintendo Pow Block
    • Next-Gen Nintendo: Speculating what’s next for Nintendo consoles
    • Ranking Nintendo: Ranking everything from consoles to games to characters and more in the world of Nintendo.
    • Charting the Course: Looking at Nintendo’s financials for the last month and looking ahead at the month ahead.
    • Expansion Pass Topic of Conversation
      • Available on the fourth Sunday of a five week month or as a fill-in episode for missing ones.

The Boss Rush Network is our community driven website in bossrush.net led by David Lasby and Stephanie Klimov providing news, articles, features, reviews, and more. The Boss Rush community is the foundation of which this company was founded on, and we want to continue to encourage others, whether they are content creating veterans or novices, to write, create, and inspire. The Boss Rush Network is open to all who want to create as long as they are respectful and understand the vision of what we are trying to accomplish. along side news, readers can enjoy our daily Boss Rush Banter pieces, our weekly “How To” articles, Saturday features, and Sunday Game Reviews.

Alongside our community of writers, we also invite other podcasts, YouTube channels, streamers, and other content creators to join us to help boost their audience, collaborate with other channels, share ideas, and have a community willing to enjoy their content. These creators share our vision of respect, positivity, inclusivity, and most importantly, fun.

Here are the creators and groups who are currently part of The Boss Rush Network community among the many writers and contributors to BossRush.net:



Join The Boss Rush Network communities on Discord and Facebook to discuss games, entertainment, music, sports, snacks, and more. Visit bossrush.net for all of the great content provided by our community and leaders.

Thank You for Your Support

Boss Rush Media”s content is fan funded through Patreon and our merchandise’s goal is simple: to create content with our community at the forefront and build that content with unique people, ideas, and viewpoints. We strive to create the best content possible positioning the right people with the right skills in places they can succeed while helping and encouraging others to pursue their own creativity. Thank you so much for watching, listening, reading, and supporting Boss Rush Media and The Boss Rush Network. Be Better.

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